Rod’s professional career includes over 30 years in the natural and organic foods industry. Beginning as a lifestyler in his early 20’s, Rod’s early contributions centered around the preparation of healthy and healing foods. During the 1980’s, he studied Macrobiotic cooking, prepared food in a health food store kitchen, started a catering company and in 1990 opened Essentials, a natural and organic restaurant in Philadelphia.  Inspired by his vision of creating a functional and efficient national supply chain for organic produce, Rod joined Albert Lusk in the early days of Albert’s Organics in 1990. During his 25 year tenure, Albert’s grew from $10M in annual sales to over $400M.  Rod is experienced in all components of the supply chain, including procurement, operations, brand and category management, sales and business development and leadership. Rod studied computers and math at Temple University, is a proud husband of 25 years and father of four sons. He cooks and plays hoops in his spare time.

Rod Moyer

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