Mariposa Brand Management discovers and shares the finest in organic and natural foods. Our grower, food artisan, and manufacturer partners adhere to the highest standards as they bring their products to market. We are honored to work with such a diverse and passionate group who value the integrity of quality products while respecting the very environment that produces their yield.


Sibu Chocolate

Sibú Chocolate has begun a chocolate renaissance in Costa Rica - where fine flavor reigns supreme. And like the country’s original chocolate makers, Sibú chocolatiers craft their chocolates by hand with organic Costa Rican cacao and only the freshest all-natural ingredient



Waykana uses an energetic leaf exclusively from the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest to make GREEN Guayusa Tea. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people as a natural energy source. It's natural and has great flavor, and naturally contains caffeine and antioxidants. Their tea is different from common guayusa found in the market because it’s green, powerful, and has a premium flavor - lighter than the common Guayusa tea - leaving no bitterness in your mouth.



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